Gross Room Tray Features

Unique Patented Patient Safety, Organization and Efficiency Features

Blue Tray

Each patent-pending Safety-Spec Gross Room Tray provides you with the following safety, organizational and efficiency features:

  • Ability to organize up to 4 patient specimen jars per tray (more than 4 specimen jars…use 2 or more trays.)
    • Fits most specimen jars! Accommodates specimen jars between 25 and 50 mm in diameter, the most commonly used sizes in the US
    • Secure! Specimen jars are securely held in place by flexible tabs…even when upside down!
    • Clean!  Easy to wash plastic construction
    • Prevent Spills.  Small liquid jar leaks are maintained in the jar insert
    • Essential elements for improving laboratory safety, efficiency and organization.
  • Multiple Tray Colors
    • Helps “organize” specimens by tissue / organ type creating easy to identify and eliminate “back to back” specimens of the same histologic type…an essential element of a comprehensive error reduction program
    • Full thickness color…won’t wear off 
  • Provides ability to hold up to 2 tissue processing cassettes per specimen
    • 1 or 2 cassettes are the most common cassette counts for smaller specimens
  • Convenient slot to hold paperwork / requisitions
    • Easy to see the “above the fold” printed information on the paperwork assists in positive identification
    • Important in maintaining all materials together to help in reduction of misidentification errors
  • Securely Stackable when empty! Trays can efficiently be stored at the accessioning table with minimal counterspace
  • INEXPENSIVE and REUSABLE.  Purchase sufficient number for all of your gross room needs
    • What’s more expensive?  Safety-Spec trays for your gross room?  Or the potential for patient labeling and identification errors and their ramifications?  

COLOR…A new dimension in PATIENT SAFETY in the gross room

To get MAXIMAL safety impact in your laboratory, be sure to purchase different color trays for your different specimen types. Using this technique you can easily implement the “no back-to-back same specimen type” rule in the laboratory; OR you can use the different tray colors to be routed to different grossing stations. The feature is there…for you to use in YOUR laboratory.

  • Tan=GI cases
  • Blue=GU cases
  • Red=Skin cases
  • Green=Gyn cases
  • Yellow=General cases
  • OR…use different colors for different gross stations

This is just an example.  You can determine in your own laboratory your needs based on your specimen types and color preferences.