New Gross Room Tool!

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Revolutionary New Tool for the Gross Room!

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“The goal is to improve patient safety and the quality of care by decreasing the opportunity for misidentification within a laboratory…”

(Brown, et. al. Uniform Labeling…, Guideline from the CAP and NSH; Arch Path Lab Med  2015)

Are you an Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Professional?

Are you interested in:

  • Organization?
  • Efficiency?
  • Economy?
  • Patient Safety?

It’s time to bring all of these factors to your pathology laboratory.

Get Organized

Organization in today’s modern laboratory is essential.  It is the foundation of everything in the laboratory.  It fosters efficiency and economy.  And most of all, it fosters a culture of patient safety.  Simple. Easy. Organized.

Get Efficient

Efficiency in today’s modern laboratory is essential.  Less staff but increasing amount of work.   You need to implement efficient processes wherever you can.  And the Safety-spec tray is a tool that can help you implement that efficiency.  Fast. Easy. Efficient.

Seek Economy

Economy in today’s modern laboratory is essential.  Decreasing reimbursements results in less money in an environment of increased costs.  You need to implement economical processes wherever you can.  And the Safety-spec tray is a tool that can help you achieve that economy.  Simple. Effective. Economical.

Foster Patient Safety

Patient Safety Initiatives in today’s modern laboratory is essential. Simple solutions are easy to implement and more consistently maintained than complex tasks.  Safety-spec tray is a simple yet highly effective system for enhancing correct labeling and transfer of tissue from the specimen submission container to the cassette, enhancing your patient safety initiatives.    Simple.  Effective.  Safe. 

Thousands of histology and pathologist healthcare professionals look to improve their laboratory functions and develop patient error reduction programs.  This tool that can help you implement those changes in your daily practice, for improved organization, efficiency, economy and patient safety, with the intent to reduce preventable patient identification errors.

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